Lucienne Camille – A Perfectly Good Month!


The start of a new month, so a very apt image to kick things off. The delicious Sylvia Bayo or named as Lucienne Camille here on the October page of Fiesta (Italia) – 1971 Calendar. A stunning shot showing off her dark body and perfect tits with those big rounded nipples I love so much. I love how the pearl necklace is caught round one of those big nipples, purposely or not.

A perfect view of Sylvia that was posted over on VEF, so thanks to the original poster over there for this shot 🙂

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  1. Nipples come in all shapes and sizes, all of them delicious, but my God, hers are the most extraordinarily tempting nipples of all. Wonderful skin, too.

  2. That’s started the month with a bang!

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