Mrs C – Vintage Suede!

A welcome return to Mrs C with a new set of photo’s and a new vintage outfit. A suede tasselled outfit is very in keeping with the 1960’s style. It sure fits Mrs C in all the right places. In fact things seem to be popping out all over the place for members to see and good to see Mrs C keeping everything natural and authentic 😉

Thanks as always to the fabulous Mrs C for sharing this set and teasing us with her tassels.

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  1. Absolutely delightful!

  2. This is just a great set of images!

  3. The wonderfully generous Mrs C! What a joy.

  4. Oh Mrs C how fantastic. The suede is great plus your Boobs. Been looking forward to more for ages. Your bush is divine too.

  5. Nice collection of images. Great tease ending in a lovely bush


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