Cascading Highlights on Black (Original)

A scan of an original negative by Harrison Marks of a beautiful unknown ebony model. Taken in the studio I love the way the light from the left highlights the face and upper body of this dark beauty.

At first I thought she was leaning on one arm to get into this pose. But a further negative from this set suggests that she was leaning over as someone held her arm out of shot. Either way it’s a rather unique angle, but captures her perfectly especially the light cascading over her dark body. I also love the shape of her body, that thick dark pussy and those rather big round nipples!

I’m also updating the unknown models list and will add this beauty to the list under No.135 🙂

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  1. This is gorgeous! The lighting on that fabulous black body is superb. A masterly shot from GHM.

  2. Superb shot! Initial impression was Sylvia Bayo but I’m not sure.

  3. That’s quite a pose. I wonder how her left boob stays in that position without collapsing towards the left on to or towards the left boob. That’s either very firm boobs or its not the original nearly 90deg angle of the pose, being turned at the developing stage or the camera set up to an angle to the right of vertical. For my money, she’s actually standing almost upright and leaning backwards with a slight lean to the left. Artistic though!!…


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