Diane Webber – Picture Perfect! (Original)

One of the most perfect shots of Diane Webber I’ve ever seen. I’m a big fan of Diane from her early work and later as a naturalist and this is a beautiful shot! The colour and clarity is sublime and it shows off those red lips and big round dark aureole so well. 

A big thank you as always to Kevin for sending this over from his vast collection.

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  1. I’m a big fan of hers myself. I think her real name was Marguerita Empney. Anyway, a real natural before the camera, and fabulous hooters.

  2. Me too. Just yesterday I was trawling through VEF and other sites for Margaret Empney/Diane Webber because her figure is, I reckon, just about perfect, and her air of calm authority, and the way she can radiate sheer goodnatured fun, makes her very special. You must be reading my mind!

  3. Naturist – far more interesting than being a ‘naturalist’! As for trawling through VEF – that da++ed site is littered with dangerous links. Open an image as per normal and get bombarded with warnings that your computer has been locked and threats to misuse your info.

  4. Wonderful shot love to see her bush though.


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