Mary Has Arrived!

A busy week so far, but my Mary Millington Blu-ray collection arrived on Monday, as did my new phone! So priorities had to be made and I’ve only just got round to opening and reviewing this beautiful collection. As I said I love Mary, but wow there is so much content in this collection to get through. 

The quality of the booklet, artwork and colours is superb and of course all of the images and films featuring Mary. I’ve not managed to watch much either yet, but the restoration of the films is also fantastic.

Finally there is the little nod to my contribution on the back of the booklet!

All in all a fantastic collection worth owning if you love Mary or films with Harrison Marks involvement. The photo’s were taken with the new photo, which got opened first, but the camera is amazing too 🙂

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  1. And there are plenty of other girlies to enjoy as well… great fun we had watching Come Play with Me.., my wife thoroughly enjoyed watching it as well and of course we wondered what all the fuss was about really.

    • Back then it was quite a thing, but watching it now it’s quite comical and very tame compared to what you can watch today! A great collection and watch regardless with plenty of content to keep you busy for hours 🙂

  2. I’ve always held the view that men’s mags and vinglam, are the fun parts of history, and this site is both helping keep that history alive, and an education!

  3. Ordered mine from Amazon, due for delivery today.


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