Pamela Green – High Class Beauty (Original)

Pamela Green from a scan from an original medium format negative posing on the saloon set by Harrison Marks. Pam looks as stunning as ever posing naked against the saloon bar in the boa, big hat and fancy boots. I also love the wanted poster to the left! Trigger Shongold is none other than Stuart Samuels, Harrison Marks long time friend who pops up in numerous guises in various glamour films and images by GHM.

A fabulous still of Pam on the saloon set showing off her classic body and figure 🙂

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  1. Perfection! With June Palmer, the ultimate professional model — is that beer or Coke in that glass?

  2. Yes, fabulous figure. But she wouldn’t be able to drink whatever it is with her stomach pulled in like that.

  3. Pam at her most lovely!

  4. Fabulous figure of course. “Trigger” should be locked up no doubt for what he is thinking!
    Welcome back Wonder.

  5. Although she has a big fan club she’s not one of my favourite models but nice pose!

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