A Sensational Sissi! (Original)

A simply stunning shot of Sissi Mississippi by Harrison Marks. I love everything about this shot from the clarity, pose and composition of the shot by GHM. The look from Sissi is perfect as well with that little pout as she leans against the bed. Finally I love the way that long negligee falls open to reveal her tits and a hint of that thick bush. One of my favourite later GHM models that appeared in some of his later work.

I have many shots of Sissi by GHM, but this has to be my favourite so far 🙂

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  1. Are those boobs real or has there been some surgical enhancement??

  2. Very nice like to see the bush front on though.

  3. If there has been enhancement, it has been tastefully done. Natural looking, not like the fake beachball tits of modern models.

    • I agree, very well done. I have a feeling they would retain that seductive sway when walking – not like the plastic immoveable sort seen on Baywatch. Of course, they could be real!

      • they were probably real. I think boob jobs did’t get going till the 1980’s; does anybody know enough to help out on that timing?

        This pic is 60’s or early 70’s I guess, so likely the real thing(s).


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