June Palmer – Long Haired Lover! (Original)

A beautiful shot of a young June Palmer from a restored set of 35mm colour negatives. There are 10 images in total all showing June posing with long dark hair. Taken in the late 1950’s they show June nude in the studio in various poses, all of which are fabulous. I think the long dark hair isn’t real but an hair extension? I also love those pink slightly parted lips 🙂

As with all slides of that age they have that familiar magenta hue to them, but they restored very well if a little light on colour. A big thanks to member Erb for sending over this and many other scans from his collection.

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  1. Beautiful photo of June.

  2. It is beautiful, and an unusual angle too showing her lovely profile.

  3. Now you’re talking – a beautiful slender young girl with long hair posing nude without a shred of self consciousness. Pretty unusual for the 1950s.
    Do we get to see more from this shoot? I DO hope so.
    Not sure they had hair extensions in those days so it might be a wig but I favour it was her own hair and was cropped later as fashions changed.

  4. Wonderful picture beautifully restored. I hope we can see others.

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