Sylvia Bayo – Domino Vol.1 No.1

I just can’t resist anything I come across featuring Sylvia Bayo, so this was a real delight! 10 pages of some fabulous shots of Sylvia in a UK publication from June 1970 called Domino Vol.1 No.1. The full magazine is full of ebony models from around the world, but the stand out pages for me are obviously these ones. Some of these shots are new to me and some are from the same set that appeared in Mayfair Magazine Vol. 5 No.1 (January 1970). What I would say though is that these seem to be taken by Terry Sparks as I have several original images of Sylvia by Terry in this location.

A big thank you must go to Spruce over on VEF for a full scan of this fabulous magazine, including a set of images of another favourite of mine Nicole Isimat by Serge Jaques. A great magazine and a great set of scans that needed very little doing to them 🙂

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  1. Yeah maybe a wig but the tits are real

  2. I owned this very copy of Mayfair back in the day (great to see more photos from the session) and, Golly Gosh, did it make my heart go pit-a-pat! It still does. Fabulous.

  3. There is more of Sylvia in the Naughty Stuff section, where you can see her having her pussy licked and, if you can believe it, f*cked. The guy in the set was on £5 an hour. Not much, but it was all he could afford.

  4. She really is a fine big girl! Cracking body.

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