Barbara Peckinpaugh – Front & Rear!

Another two shots of the stunning US model Barbara Peckinpaugh. Taken by US photographer Edmund Leja in 1980 from a set of original contact sheets in my collection. I seem to have a thing for showing doubles of Barbara, as both shots are rather nice. She was quite a beauty with a fabulous figure and I love the freckles across her top and shoulders.

Members get to see the second rear view shot of her kneeling bent over a sofa as she looks back at the camera. Plenty to see from that angle ūüėČ

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  1. Inviting from both directions.

  2. A lovely girl but the 80s shots are getting a bit modern for my taste. I can think of better things to do with pussy rather than look at it!

  3. A beautiful woman either you look at her!

  4. A lovely girl – so sad that she committed suicide. I like the occasional 80s shot – especially quality ones like these. Each to his own!

  5. Stunning woman from both the front and rear, extremely sexy and loving the photography whatever the era…

  6. A perfect shot, beautiful smooth bum, great pussy, nipple and the knowing look. Certainly does it for me…

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