Britt Perched in Pink!

Another from my collection of studio non nudes featuring familiar models from the 1960’s. This time Britt Hampshire looking very colourful in pink negligee as she poses perched on a stool in the studio. Bit of an oddity as this is the only shot I have from this set, so who knows if things went further and the negligee disappeared 🙂

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  1. Corrrrrrrrrrrr Pinky.

  2. A really stunning girl- with or without the clothes.

  3. Think its the best picture I’ve seen of her

  4. I like the pictures of Britt naked. Her boobs remind me of my late wife; small, round, and exquisite.

  5. Sometimes she looks really stunning, others just nice. Best pic of her on KC is the one in stockings and suspenders.

    • Very demure but surely this was just the warm up? I shall have to research this following sbk’s comment as we clearly have similar tastes when it comes to boobs! Quality over quantity.

  6. Quite agree on the attraction of small busts….Ann Wilson, Dawn Grayson, Angie Parton to name but a few…..

  7. Britt in bubbles has to be my favourite. Simply the ultimate.

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