Dawn Grayson – Picture Perfect!

One from my huge collection of Dawn Grayson and a beautiful portrait shot with not a hint of nakedness in sight! Sometimes just a shot of a pretty face works and this is perfect from the 1960’s make-up and hairstyle, down to those perfect pink lips and blue eyes! Simply stunning 🙂

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  1. You don’t have to be naked to be beautiful!

  2. The hair in particular is very evocative of the period. Girls had dress sense as well in those days and looked very smart.
    Not that I’m saying they only looked good dressed up of course. Naked was good too! 🤗
    She is/was a corker!

  3. Dawn is undoubtedly a lovely girl (looking here a lot like Valerie Leon), but I prefer models showing a little more flesh. Speaking personally, fully clothed girls don’t do much for me.


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