Jill in Colour!

A beautiful colour shot of the model named as Jill by Harrison Marks. Taken on a sofa in GHM’s flat it’s a great pose from Jill and I love the red sheer negligee off the shoulders showing Jill’s figure. Always good to see a colour shot which adds more depth to a shot sometimes.

I’ve also come across a full set of 35mm negatives of a UK model named Jackie Winters and I’m pretty sure they are the same model. I’ll try and find an image from that set so we can compare and confirm if they are the same model 🙂

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  1. Very good figure with an average face.

  2. I looked too – but my gaze kept getting drawn southerly!
    A fine well developed lass I would say.

  3. Likewise. Did anybody else notice, if a line is cut just below her chin, or scrolled up so her face is hidden, you could be forgiven for thinking is was June Palmer’s magnificent rack.

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