Julie Shearing – A Slip of a Thing!

Julie Shearing from a restored 35mm Pamar colour slide taken by Harrison Marks. A beautiful shot of Julie in GHM’s flat with a white negligee down round her waist showing off her slender waist and great tits! Not quite sure what she is doing with that rose, but who cares 🙂

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  1. The negligee is nicely transparent too!

  2. Gorgeous. Don’t you just love that contrast of the hard lines of her ribs and the ample round proportions of her breasts? Add to that the way the negligee slung across her hips accentuates her waist and a glimpse of bush showing tantalisingly through the diaphanous material….
    Sorry guys, think I need a cold shower!

  3. Nice Bush to rub your face on.

  4. What happened to her smile?

  5. Fabulous figure and an alluring pose. Very arousing!

  6. Incidentally, in answer to the question about the rose, perhaps she’s going to put it in her hair. There’s a nice three-quarter nude shot of a seated Caroline in the Readers Wives section wearing a rose in her hair.

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