Lorraine Burnett – Blonde Ambition!

More of Lorraine Burnett with long blonde hair/wig from Visart Glamorama set No.56, which consisted of 8 prints of Lorraine in various poses such as this. Love the way she is kneeling on that bed looking at the camera showing off her figure and tits!

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  1. Gorgeous. One of the very best, and her shyness about her buck teeth meant that she usually kept her mouth closed and looked broodingly sexy rather than like a Page Three twit. It’s a kind of ‘What have you got down there?’ look. It does it for me.

    These last three postings have been wonderful, and bring a spring to the heart in these troublesome times. Thanks, Boss.

  2. Lovely Boobs like to see between her legs though. How old would she be here?

  3. Why is it only a single bed? A double bed or a king size bed would provide more room for rolling around!


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