Perfectly Posed Pat!

Pat Davis by Harrison Marks posing on the loft set as she sits on a create surrounded by various props!  A fabulous pose from Pat sat on the edge of that crate with her arms up, which allows us to see all of her figure and those rather nice tits! Another classic early shot from GHM 🙂

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  1. Classic pose – great body too.

  2. Truly magnificent. Are those tits for real? They are so perfect.

  3. Something about the areolas is funny, at least to my eyes. Why the defining circle around them?

  4. At the expense of repeating myself, Pat Davis was married (some some lucky bloke got all the pleasure of that wonderful superstructure)

    If you search carefully through the other photo’s in the listing on here, you may notice one particular shot shows her wedding ring quite clearly, a shot or two after the same photo, but in reverse (if you look at other details it definitely is printed from the reverse side of the negative) the ring has disappeared, I wonder why…


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