Rosemary – All On Display Outdoors!

Rosemary de Canonville giving us a great outdoor display of what she has to offer. Scanned from an original 10 by 8 print this shot was taken by Leslie Bainbridge and typical of his style.

It’s interesting to see the different styles and preferences of photographers back then. Roark obviously had a preference for the younger natural sun tanned models. Bainbridge opted for the fully shaven view leaving little to the imagination, but again with it’s own merits. I like both styles for different reasons, but still tend to go back to Harrison Marks and his more generic style of glamour photography. GHM tended to focus more on the shape and form of the models pose along with lighting than what the model had on offer.

Again we all enjoy differing styles, which is why I try and offer a bit of everything and as the years progressed so did glamour photography, either for the better or sometimes the worse 🙂

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  1. We were surely due a shaven one! This is really nice, revealing without being crude.

  2. I think I’m more attracted to the GHM style than the Bainbridge but she has a lovely smile and is most generous with what she has to offer. I enjoy the look but prefer the use of shape and lighting to simply putting it all on show. Each to his own and thankfully you cater for all tastes here.

  3. Wide open and proud to display!

  4. I think it’s great that some of GHM’s models have been in touch with you in the recent past. Clearly they are delighted that revealing ‘artistic’ photos of themselves in their youth are sill appreciated today.

    However, I doubt any of Bainbridge’s girls would be so keen to get in touch about their photos now.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t like his work – I do, and Rosemary was one of his prettiest models.

    • While shaven models are obviously more revealing I don’t think any of the nudes in Bainbridge’s outdoor/H&E studies got into poses they would regret now.
      This outdoor of Rosemary is lovely.
      Not so sure about the indoor (usually his living room) poses though….


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