The Xcitement of Pamela!

The glorious Pamela Green posing on the set of the 1960 glamour film ‘Xcitement’ from a 35mm Pamar colour slide. Interestingly this image also appears on the cover of Kamera No.38 (1961) here, but one of the shots is reversed? The colours of the slide have faded so not as bright or colourful as the cover, but I think the slide is the correct way round not the cover, but I could be wrong?

Whichever way round you look at it, it’s a stunning shot of the legendary Pam and her figure 🙂

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  1. I think Pam could appear aloof at times – when she was staring into the middle distance and not looking at the camera. This though, is a lovely, happy shot.

  2. From any angle a beautiful woman!

  3. I agree with Billboard, nice to see her looking joyous.


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