Vera Petrov by Terry Sparks

The beautiful Vera Petrov by Terry Sparks. Taken posing in a doorway we get a great view of Vera, her slender figure, small tits and just a hint of natural bush! 

This comes from a set of 10 contact sheets in my collection featuring over 100 images of Vera. So plenty more of this beauty to come!

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  1. My late wife had small boobs like Vera’s. Sometimes when she lay naked in the bed they would practically disappear.

  2. My wife had small boobs when I met her too and as she was just 18 I was sure they were still developing but of course they didn’t and I was glad for it because she retained a good shape for many years and I got to enjoy them for much longer than I would have done! As this was the beginning of the swinging 60’s she was able to share her charms with others as adoption of ever smaller bikinis took off and she was confident enough to continue to do so using one part or two or occasionally neither!
    Vera has this sort of look too. There’s a lot to be said for small tits!

  3. True, A lot to be said for small busts!

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