Della Fox – Pedestal Pose!

The stunning form of Della Fox as she poses sat on a stool in the studio. A great view of her figure and with everything on show 😉

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  1. Not the most elegant pose – what what a great view of a lovely woman!

  2. All woman. Stunning.

  3. Ooh yes love to climb aboard. Fab tits.

  4. Very nice, very natural, and very beautiful!

  5. Talk about variety! Yesterday we had Velma, slim and hirsute in more places than one. Today we have Della, a bit buxom for me but a lovely advert for depilation.

  6. What is it about this woman that makes it look like she was simply invited in off the street?
    She is perfectly relaxed in the most simple of poses almost as if we are just having a friendly chat whilst we admire her wonderful curvaceous body.
    A fine example of the 1960s.

    • Yes, you do wonder with these girls what their background is, where they come from, what prompted them to pose as ‘models’, what their ambitions were and what became of them when they didn’t ‘perform’ any more.

      Many would have been dancers and strippers I guess, but a few must have been prostitutes. I mean, posing nude for the camera in those days wouldn’t have been a very highly regarded occupation.

      Would be interesting to know.

      • All valid reasons to become a model, but from experience and talking to a few models from that time. Several were housewives doing a bit of modelling on the side, which back then was very open minded of the husbands I suppose.

        • You know the old saying, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Why would the husbands object? Besides back then (when most women didn’t work) the money must have been very attractive and why shouldn’t the wives earn the extra money? If it was cash money you wouldn’t have to worry about Inland Revenue(UK) or the Internal Revenue Service(USA) or Revenue Canada (my own country).

  7. While you might have expected attractive female members of sun clubs to be
    less camera-shy, H & E editor Leslie Bainbridge told me it was next to impossible to persuade them to pose for the magazine. They were flattered to be approached, a good fee was offered and the club was often not averse as its name would feature and newcomers would be attracted. But usually, still no.
    This is why he had to ‘import’ the glamour models we see here.

    • Thankfully there was always the odd exception of a girlfriend who wanted to be recorded for posterity whilst still young or a husband who did not object to sharing among a select few and that few became a few more as attitudes changed. Hence for instance “Readers wives”.

  8. Love to see your Lucy I bet she is fantastic.

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