Diane’s Coloured Kitchen Capers

Diane Grant by Harrison Marks from an original colour medium format negative. Posing on the Cottage Kitchen set you get to see Diane posing nude in an wooden kitchen chair. With one leg over the arm you get a partial view of her figure with a hint of bush and one tit showing.

I love the a good colour photo from back then, as most were originally black and white. Although GHM shot in many formats in one session as I have several black and white versions of Diane 🙂

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  1. It does give a curious aspect seeing a model posing in a dirty old kitchen – a very ‘natural’ feel – almost as if you’d set things up yourself with your girlfriend and said ‘OK sweetheart, take your kit off and sit on that chair’.

    I like it. and her.

  2. Looking through her other pictures I can see there was quite a session in that kitchen!

  3. She’d be nice to find at my breakfast table!

  4. Wine for breakfast is probably ok in such circumstances. But, what’s that smoke near the cooker? Did HM burn the toast?


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