Jayne Tracey – Fireplace Delight

A restored 35mm colour Pamar slide of Jayne Tracy. Taken by Harrison Marks it shows Jayne posing in front of the fireplace at Ewhurst Manor. Taken just inside the main entrance it’s a classic 1960’s look from Jayne as she kneels there naked.

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  1. As Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones sang, “C’mon baby, light my fire.”

    • It wasn’t the Stones who recorded ‘Light My Fire’. It was The Doors with their charismatic frontman, Herbert Morrison.

      • and Jose Feliciano.

        • A classic 60s look as you say. It always fascinates me to contrast the hard lines of the rib cage with the curvaceousness of the breasts and indeed the rest of the female form. Judging by the general condition of the young women you see these days I wonder if any can match the enticing figures of those we were privileged to see in those wonderful early days of female emancipation? I for one never wanted them to be like men!

      • They were never the same after Stafford Cripps left

  2. Interesting to compare this shot with the one from ‘Forms in Colour’ in the archive.

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