Sonia – Beautiful & Buxom

The beautiful and buxom Sonia Ayala from a collection of 1970’s contact sheets. A figure with plenty to get your hands on and a great smile too. You can just see she is holding something, which in other shots appear to be nut crackers! The bowl below also contains various nuts to be cracked. An odd prop to pose with and she uses them to good effect in other shots too 😉

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  1. Nut crackers? Why not? She has a wonderful smile and big boobs but her waist is a little too thick for me; I prefer slim-waisted girls!

  2. Yes, lovely smile but a bit too much for me! Those boobs are for someone who likes down filled pillows.

  3. I always say “you can’t get too much of a good thing”. I think she looks superb!

  4. Just right! Bit of weight, bit of flesh, never did anyone any harm.

  5. Lovely nipples too. Years ago, the first time I painted a life model I had problems with the nipples, which I kept having to redraw, and it was a while before light dawned, and I said to the model, “Excuse me, are you cold?” She replied, “I’m bloody freezing!” She had been too polite to complain. It was her first time too.

    • Again referencing my late wife. She once had a male student who sketched imaginary breasts. She knew it was from his imagination because he placed the nipples in the middle of each breast. Nipples are on the side of the breast!

  6. Too buxom for me but plenty of others will like her!

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