Sue Owen – A Cheeky Chopper!

A very cheeky shot of Sue Owen chopping wood! Taken at the rear of Ewhurst Manor it has Sue in stockings, black panties, high heels and an apron! Not sure what the apron was for, but it’s a fun shot of Sue and she has a big cheeky grin as well.

This comes from a set of negatives featuring Sue working around the grounds of Ewhurst including washing a mini, so obviously a theme 🙂

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  1. The apron might have prevented slivers although I don’t know where.

  2. I love the Monty-Pythonesque inventiveness of the glamour photos of the day. An apron while chopping wood? The things these models get up to! Lord knows why she would have taken her top off in the first place. Marvellous, dated stuff.

  3. Small boobs, big smile and outdoors. what’s not to like?
    I was tempted to say something about choppers but decided to desist!


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