Angela’s Curved Perfection

Over the years I’ve posted many a nude shot of Angela Duncan (Trudy Eyre) by Harrison Marks and others. This shot I have to be say is up there as one of my favourites for various reasons.

Firstly the quality of the image is very good indeed, especially for a 35mm negative. We all know that taking shots using 35mm film could be a bit hit and miss, especially as the cameras were aimed more at the amateur market. In fact, the next shot on this negative strip in a similar pose is as ropey and blurred as hell. Angela’s pose and smile is spot on in this shot with good use of her hands and arms to frame her best bits and those curves. 

Taken at Jason Studio’s in 1970 I would say it was an amateur photographer taking the shots, but he nailed this one 🙂

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  1. Here I am…what you see is what you get and the smile comes free!

  2. I’m not surprised the next shot was blurred!

  3. You can break models down into a few categories – glamour, occupation, immodesty, girl-next-door, big tits etc etc.

    But Angela is built for urgent, passionate, enthusiastic sex. Not many like that.

    Who else do you think?


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