Lan Fah Lee – Kamera No.17 (1959)

Lan Fah Lee from Kamera No.17 P18 (1959) by Harrison Marks. She appears sporadically through early Kamera editions, especially No.17 and once in Kamera Special No.2. One of the few Coloured/Asian models to be used by GHM early on.

A great shot and view of her figure and looks like the baby oil had been out with the reflection of light of her tits. Not that I’m stereotyping, but quite busty for an Asian model 🙂

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  1. Not a typical oriental body I think. Big Tits even for a western gal!

  2. Your comment about the size of her bust and Minolta’s comment are racist and should never have been printed. I don’t know if you will print this reply but you ought to.

    • Not racist just an observation about the size of her tits compared to other Asian women that have modelled. I’d complain to the owner if the comment offends you that much, oh that’s me!

      • If the same comment about the size or shape of her boobs was made about any other woman would sbk I think that racist and if so why – or if not, why not?
        How about if we agreed she has big feet or a big nose?

  3. I am an ageing ‘woke’ Guardian-reading liberal, ready to start arguing with anyone when generalisations about race are thrown about, for ‘race’ is largely a social construct. Nevertheless, there are different body types, and a friend, who loves Oriental women and who has lived in China, would support Wonder about the average size of the Chinese breast in particular – he prefers the more girlish figure (Me? I like Germans with enormous tankards). I bet if you cut Trudy, say, off at the neck (so to speak) and displayed her naked body in black and white, people would assume that she was non-Asiatic. It may be to do with the difference in the tension of the skin, but there it is. Wonder was aware that he was risking criticism, but his observation seems fair to me. He continues to do an excellent and essentially fair-minded job. Thanks to him.

  4. A beautiful model.
    We know her by a Chinese name, but to me she looks Japanese.
    I hope that’s not a racist comment.

  5. I agree: more Japanese than Chinese in appearance, in all her photos. Perhaps it was regarded as more acceptable then for a model to be Chinese rather than Japanese, in the days when memories of WW2 were fresher than they are now.

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