Posed Cherub Perfection!

Another unknown model taken by Harrison Marks in the studio. I love the pose the model is taking trying to mimic the cherub on the stand next to her. It also gives us a great view of her slender figure showing off everything, including another scar.

I think this is the only shot I have of this model, so until I have more I won’t add her to the unknown model list, unless anyone names her 🙂 

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  1. Nice figure and pert nipples. Wouldn’t it be great to have that just inside the front door. Something just right to hang your coat on!

  2. Agreed. She would have been nicer without all the fuzz remaining between her legs.

  3. If it’s all the same to you guys the debate between hairy and bald is getting a little tedious!

  4. Nice to see another great post – I was getting worried you were back in hospital!

  5. Thanks for all the concern, but I just took a week off over Easter. I was just glad to be feeling OK and enjoying a week pottering around in the garden 🙂

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