Rona Scott – Lofty Expectations

The magnificent figure of Rona Scott by Harrison Marks on the loft set. Shots from this set appeared in Kamera No.32 (1960) as well as Rona gracing the cover. This shot also appeared within the pages of the magazine, although it was a much closer cropped version than this. 

Lots going on in this shot that either add to or distract from the main model.  Regardless of your view, Rona and her pose tend to draw your eyes towards the things that matter 🙂

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  1. Bit busty for me but the pose is great!

  2. Ave Caesar! Te morituri salutant! (for those who don’t know Latin: Hail Caesar, those who are about to die salute you!)

    • Looks like a live one to me – and that guys (the Roman looking one) attempt to distract is bound to fail, and why the hell has he hidden a fiddle in the background? Is it so he has something to do while Rome burns?
      My eyes are still drawn to the signora on the right! A fine big girl,


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