Shirley in the Shadows

A scan from an original 35mm colour slide in my collection of Shirley Stevens. Not a model I’d come across before, but I liked the image so bought the slide. The blue background works well and I love the lighting and shadows across her body in the shot. 

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  1. Very simple and unaffected pose.

  2. Not at all sure about the hair style but everything else is lovely!

  3. Lovely smooth girl!

  4. Very reminiscent of the kind of shot open to an amateur in those days. Looks like it is simply taken at home against curtains with a single floodlight – no studio flash available then. The model also looks like she is simply a wife or girlfriend.

  5. This should open the shave or not to shave debate again….

  6. Was this ever shown in KC magazine or would it be too risqué for that time or airbrushed ?


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