A Cheeky One From June

A cheeky little shot of June Simpson from a 1950’s original print. Showing off her familiar platinum blonde hair, great figure and scar down the middle of her stomach.

Talking of scars I’m back from hospital and recovering at home, so partially back posting for a while. The on-going issues with my gallbladder continue and I still await an operation to finally get it removed in 4 weeks. But I’m home can relax and recover for a while before we start all over again.

Thanks to everyone for the comments and good wishes for my recovery as it’s always appreciated 🙂

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  1. What a glorious way to return! Well ahead of schedule and with a lovely nude for us to enjoy! ‘Tongue between teeth!’ as I used to say to my kids to get them to pronounce ‘TH’ properly.

  2. Good to see you back. Was also whipped into hospital with acute pain from the gall-bladder, but after tests and CT scan nothing was ever found. Don’t keep you in very long these days of covid. Had new knee last November was home in two days, compared to the first one in 08/18 (before covid, just…) was in for six days. Same surgeon, same hospital, same ward.

    June’s surgical scar was hardly key-hole micro surgery, should have thought about suing the surgeon. Wonder what it was.

  3. Great news! So pleased that you are back home and on the recovery path.

    Great photo of June – no one else has mentioned it, but there is a pleasing hint of slit showing. I think this is a ‘first’ here for photos of this stunning blonde.

  4. I knew a stripper 29 years ago who was laid up for a week following the removal of her gall bladder. If they can remove it using the latest techniques you should be out in a couple of days. Remember not to eat fried foods!

    • I’ve been on a low fat diet since January when I had my first attack. They tried to remove the gallbladder by keyhole surgery a few weeks ago and was only in a day. My issue was they went in to remove it but it was infected and had to leave it. Hence the issues now 🙁

  5. Welcome back !!!

  6. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Welcome back, don’t overdo it!
    Nice picture – very Monroe ish.

  7. Great to hear you are on the mend and back in action so to speak….perhaps you would like a photo or two of my wife Lucy in her maids outfit and black stockings and scrappy high heels to cheer you up ..she might help aid your recovery ?


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