Who Knows The Secret of …

… The Black Magic Box or Nicky Stevens! Well we know or have seen Nicky’s secrets, but she’s keeping them well covered in this shot.

Looking all very prim and proper sat the in her dress and black shoes, maybe the chocolates were there to entice her to remove the dress and other items. A very serious look too, but further shots from this set reveal a smile and that she’s wearing stockings under that dress. So the chocolates seem to have melted her mood and helped the dress disappear 🙂

I loved Black Magic chocolates by the way, my parents always seemed to have a box for Christmas, which never lasted long in our household. Black Magic or Dark Chocolate Brazil Nuts, yum!

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  1. Mind you I don’t think she is wearing a bra…it takes a long time for the model to sit until those bra straps are removed and no lines showing!

  2. Could be the Milk Tray man’s lucky day (ok I see it actually Dairy Box in the photo, but let’s have a bit of poetic licence).

  3. No its not, its Black Magic, can we still say that nowadays….


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