Dawn & The Stool

The fabulous Dawn Grayson in the studio by Harrison Marks in a truly magnificent pose. Such a elegant pose showing off her shape and form including the perfectly shaped tits and smooth pussy with a hint of more.

Sometimes props in a shot can detract from the main subject, but in this case I think the stool is used perfectly to support Dawn. I have several more shots from this set and all of them are as good as this, so more to come 🙂

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  1. Great shot of a fabulous model. She has a perfect body as far as I am concerned and such a pretty face. These are 1960s shots and they prove that beauty has no limit on time.
    Looking forward to the others!

  2. I think she looks better when she smiles but to each his or her own. Coming to think of that, do you have female visitors to this site?

    • There are actually a growing number of female visitors to the site, some are ex-models old and new and some are those genuinely interested in vintage glamour. We tend to forget that although this started as a very male orientated past-time lots of women also enjoy it both in viewing, modelling and being behind the camera as well 🙂

  3. Lovely to see Dawn.


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