Exciting No.15 – Boots & Bush!

A fabulous double page spread (literally!) from the 1967 publication Exciting No.15. These double pagers tended to be on the rear of the main centre spread of the magazine, which was a triple page spread! The double page shot also tended to be bi-colour similar to this.

I love this shot of this model in those long black boots, jumper pulled up to flash her tits and legs apart showing all. She kind of reminds me of the UK model Jenny Lane, but slightly more attractive 🙂

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  1. Hoorayyyyyy lovely Linda and a luscious bush

  2. Imagine how much hair you might have to swallow to get to the ultimate reward!

  3. Yes step up to drink from the furry cup lol

  4. I can now sympathise with how poor old John Ruskin felt when seeing his wife’s bush for the first time on their wedding night: appalled. After all, it’s not exactly an aesthetically pleasing prospect is it? No wonder shaven havens are so popular nowadays.

  5. Yes and we wish were rowing with the little man lol

  6. Nice Bush from Shepherds Bush

  7. I like a bit of Bush

  8. Ha ha Licker you will have to get in touch with me on that score. The thing with the comments it reminds me of Elton John’s song “Jamaica Jerkoff” if you check out the lyrics. Feel free to be in touch.

  9. Russ Can you please give Licker2 my email addy?

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