Julie Sheer(ing)

Julie Shearing in a sheer black negligee, posing for Harrison Marks in 1958. This perfect pose went on to be published in Solo No.4 P22 showing off a full compliment of Julie images.

No big dangly earrings in this shot just a tease of tits instead 🙂

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  1. Beautiful.

    When I sss this I remember how pretty my mum was.

    Never saw her like this thought .

    Should have been a model with her long legs.

  2. The sort of photo that makes you want to reach out and touch!

  3. Am I alone in finding this sexier than full on nude?.

  4. Does anyone remember the Kamera playing cards?, I fancy Julie Shearing appeared on a few of them…

    My pack was literally worn out by lunch time poker schools!!. Quite difficult to concentrate with though.

  5. She has the looks of a film star, I guess that’s what she was ultimately after, but like many young lassies with classic looks, never made the silver screen (other than perhaps in porn films…)

    very good looking though

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