Stella’s Sunny Sun Lounger View

With the sunny weekend and days ahead this shot seemed appropriate 🙂

Stella Jones by Terry Sparks from 1971 enjoying the sun on her naked body as she sun bathes. A fabulous pose on that sun lounger showing off her slender svelte like body.

I remember my parents having a set of those loungers in the 70’s as well. I also remember them being a bugger to extend out and legs regularly collapsing and having us in fits of laughter as the person sitting on it ended up in a big heap 🙂

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  1. Lovely to see Stella sunning her tits and bush.

  2. Very nice. We went on holiday once to a place with adjoining balconies where you could just step from one to another of a low rail. The girl next door was in exactly this pose every afternoon and was not in the least bit fazed by me walking out of the patio door to enjoy a bit of sunshine myself. I thought she might close her legs but it was obviously too hot so they stayed just as you see here.

  3. It brings a lot back. I even remember the orange and brown pattern on the lounger. Sadly, our loungers never seemed to have any naked loungers on them.

  4. I remember the first time I saw pubic hair. My old girl friend was modelling her bikini and a wisp of black pubic hair was exposed.

  5. Unfortunately with the Gnats about they like wet and moist conditions near bushes.

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