Vivacious Vera!

A second post of the vivacious Vera Petrov by Terry Sparks. Taken posing kneeling on the bed naked, but with that damn cushion obscuring a fuller view! Still it’s a fab shot of Vera and such a great smile as well 🙂

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  1. Nice shot! Perhaps you could ask Terry what level of fees did models receive for a session of these sort of shots? Also, when things became more ‘open’ in the 1970s how did he direct/ask the models to ‘open up’? I have always wondered about the ‘etiquette’ involved.

  2. ” Great shot of her. ” I vant to see her V”

  3. I’ve never been a fan of cushions,I just remembered why!!

  4. In answer to Billboard, when I started to work for Russell Gay in 1966 the standard model fees were £10 per day for topless and £12 per day for discreet nude. A day actually meant 5 to 6 hours. Getting a girl to “open up” was purely a matter of how much money you were offering. A small percentage of model to had principles but most were quite happy if the pitures were destined for foreign magazines, the internet killed that of course. Model fees rose rapidly once we got into the 1970’s.
    I am now in my 86th year on this planet and seeing so many of my pics that I had forgotten about makes my day. so many many thanks to Wonder and his efforts

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. I envy you your working life – I spent most of my time as a bl**dy civil servant! If you have the time I would also be interested in how you came to work for RG – that specific field of photography. My parents would have probably not let me get in the business!

      I think everyone who visits Kamera Club echoes your thanks for Wonder – we all appreciate his efforts – and of course – yours and your contemporaries for gritting your teeth and taking the photos!

    • Terry so pleased to hear from you and it’s been an absolute pleasure sharing your photos and the models that posed for you. I think with your images alone I could fill a whole website with them. I also love hearing about the details as it brings the images to life knowing the background. So glad they are bringing back so many wonderful memories and plenty more to come!

  5. Thanks Terry for that wonderful insight into your work. I bet you could write a book about your experiences.

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