A Brush with Dawn!

It’s a clean sweep and your daily Dawn! This time posing on the Cinderella set for Harrison Marks with nothing more than a broom to keep her company. Perfect view of Dawn’s figure all round along with a view of her very smooth pussy for good measure 🙂

A censored version of this shot was published in Solo No.43 P28 (1964) which was of course dedicated to Dawn.

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  1. A perfect shot of Dawn – wasn’t she a lovely woman?

  2. It’s her confidence that shines out of the picture, her complete control of the situation, naked or not. My fantasy life has more to do with big tits, but I have to admit that your remorseless pro-Dawn campaign is having its effect, and I am coming round to your point of view. She is a very beautiful and sexy woman. Do you know what happened to her later in life?

    • In you fantasy life you like big tits E MAIL ME

      • you wore me down a long time back Wonder! Just perfect and like Glaisdale I think it is her confidence naked or not that shines through.
        Bloody yanks – pinching our best lookers!

    • I knew I’d wear you down with more Dawn. I love big tits too but as you say there is just something about the whole package with Dawn. I’ve always been trying to find out what happened to her later in life. I know she moved to the US with her husband and continued to model for a while, but after that I have no idea!

      • Not sure not sure I subscribe to this wave of Dawnolatory. Sure, she was slim and pretty but in my view she can’t hold a candle to the divine Margaret Nolan. Come on, you big-tit lovers, let’s hear it for Margaret!

  3. This woman is as beautiful as you can imagine!

  4. She is a stunningly beautiful woman. More needed of her please!!

  5. Lovely face, hair, tits and shaven pussy

  6. Purrrrfect Pussy – and everything else.

  7. Agreed. She’s usually well groomed and it’s so nice to see a perfectly shaven pussy.

  8. Was Bewitched showing on TV when this was shot.

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