Breakfast in Bed with Maria!

Anyone fancy breakfast in bed? I know I would if it was like this with Maria Frost offering what she has to eat! This shot by Harrison Marks comes from a film featuring Maria and another gorgeous beauty, but I can’t remember the film title of the UK version?

The 1969 colour European version was titled Bezahlte Liebe or Paid Love and the basic premise of the film was dinner, bed and breakfast featuring the two girls. Filmed at GHM’s flat it features the familiar brass bedstead that made appearances in many of his later films and shoots. 

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  1. Steve Reynolds

    If her hands could be secured to the bedstead with, say, a silk scarf, her breasts would be perfectly positioned for a playful spanking. Just saying…

  2. Steve Reynolds

    By the way, Caligula (if you are still out there), when are we going to see some more of the lovely Christine? It’s been ages since the last Readers Wives post!

  3. Two pillows; is she waiting for someone to join her?

  4. Would she like soldiers with her egg

  5. Nice one, Licker2.

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