Dawn’s Daring Duo

The final daily Dawn and one from my huge collection of contact sheets and original prints I’ve bought over the last few years. Anyway it’s a shot of not just Dawn but Gloria Lomax as well posing on a black set in various poses with a plant stand and flowers between them. You can just see it behind them in this shot. Both girls are in all shots and look fabulous as they strike different poses.

Dawn worked with several other models mostly as a pair that included Gloria, Cindy Neal, Lisa Hamilton and others. You can’t beat a good duo that includes Dawn.

That’s it for the week of Daily Dawn’s maybe next week I’ll focus on another model each day?

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  1. Why not? Another element to the glorious smorgasbord that is this site, and it is always interesting to see these women in different poses, and in different states of undress and exposure.

  2. A great shot. I must find the others.
    So many photographs of two naked girls tend to suggest they are lesbians but this and I trust the others avoid it entirely and are much the better for it.
    Gloria is a corker too!

  3. Two for the price of one!

  4. Lovely shot! May I suggest Virginia Green or Brenda Wilson?

    • Virginia and Brenda much too busty for me but after a week of small tits with Dawn I suppose it would only be fair….maybe followed by Ann Wilson?

      • All good choices, but it boils down to models that I have lots of images of and some unfortunately like Ann and Virginia are scarce. Keep the suggestions coming though

  5. No contest…

    Barbara Halks with Nicky Stevens. Or Barbara with anybody else actually.

  6. no offence to the Dawn squad, but this shot is all about Gloria for me. Must be the arse.

  7. Echo Driver’s suggestion.

  8. Totally and utterly agree with Drivers comment.

    Oodles more of both, please, please, single or together.

  9. barbara Eden or Angie Dickinson with them ha ha

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