Down and Out Again!

Sorry everyone site updates are on hold for now. Another gallbladder attack has put me in hospital again, but this time it was removed.

I’m on the mend but got to focus on my recovery for now. But as they say I’ll be back!


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  1. Positive vibrations are coming your way. This may at last solve the problem. Better days are ahead. Our very best wishes.

  2. Take care get yourself right. My wife had hers out by Keyhole years ago. She’s never regretted it.

  3. All good wishes. Sincere hopes that the problem is now solved! We look forward to your return but understand that it will take as long as it takes…

  4. Sorry to hear this and wish you a very speedy recovery

  5. The good news is you’ve had the damn thing removed! As you say, concentrate, on getting well – best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

  6. Sorry to hear you’ve had more problems, bu5 ple

  7. Glad it’s been sorted out. Wishing you a speedy recovery

  8. I don’t know, you’re not having much luck these days are you? That said I’m pleased to hear that you are on the road to recovery but, take it easy until you are fully fit. Certainly we’ll miss you but we’re a patient lot and when all is said and done it is your health that’s of paramount importance. All the best.

  9. Get well soon!
    Take as long as it needs. It’s always best to get it right rather than get it quick.

  10. Best to take it easy. There’s no rushing these things. We can wait.
    Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery.

  11. Two of my friends have just been done for the same thing! Both are recovering well, hope you are too.

  12. Had the operation myself a few years back so know what you are going through. Continue to rest even when you start to feel okay or you will over do it and it will take even longer to recover

  13. Get well soon.

  14. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  15. getting old = great fun isn’t it ? The worst year i can ever remember

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