Nice One Nancy!

The elegance of Nancy Roberts posing on a bed from a restored silver gelatin photo. Nancy always looks so poised, but damn sexy in the these photos and this is a good example. Sat on the bed in just suspenders and stockings with a bit glitz with the earrings she looks amazing. Another shot from this set of photo’s 

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  1. Love the tautness of the stockings and belt any one agree contact

  2. Disagree. Nancy always a looker and a nice pose but the stockings are much too short.

  3. She could be in my bed; morning, afternoon, evening!

  4. I think the best example on the site of how stockings should be worn are the blue stockings in Back to the 80s May 21, 2020.

  5. Things may have been difficult in the 1950s but they certainly knew how to glam things up! Reminiscent of the Windmill Theatre.

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