Wanda’s Rear Exposure!

Another perfect shot of Wanda Liddell by Harrison Marks from the same set as this shot. Again it seems to be on the dressing room, but this time a rather nice rear view of Wanda and her figure.

A really clear shot of her smiling and posing with a few photo’s taken by GHM in the background

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  1. What a bush from the other set.

    Cant remember when shaven havens became popular.

    Sure someone can remind me.

    • Early 50’s and 60’s models used to shave to help retouch/censor shots. 70’s as censorship laws relaxed the bush made a comeback, but now into the 2000’s clean shaven is more popular than ever, I heard someone say it’s more hygienic. Regardless we have lovers of all aspects on here. My preference is full on bush, but saying that I’ve seen models completely shaven I like too, probably down to the model and body shape that enhances both the bush and shaven look 🙂

  2. Making the most of her assets!

    To answer Licker2 – never with me, in my era all real women had a proper bush.

  3. For those partial to the derriere they might be in heaven!

  4. A lovely bum. Having just read an article on the subject, pubic hair is there to protect the genitals from friction and infection, and shaving can cause more problems, micro-cuts making infection more likely. I like it either way, leaning slightly towards the bush.

  5. Bald is Beautiful…it is the hair that hides the beauty.

  6. Not a comment on this photo – BUT, I check here a couple of times a day hoping that Wonder will pop up with a new posting. I do hope there’s no sinister news behind his absence.

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