A Kneeling Thelma (1958)

The model only known as Thelma from Kamera No.11 P6 (1958). A beautiful kneeling pose showing off her figure and Latin looks and a model that appeared scarcely throughout the Kamera magazines and photo sets produced by GHM. 

Members get to see a fully published version of Kamera No.11 featuring Thelma and many other familiar figures 🙂

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  1. One thing that the full Kameraclub no 11 reminds me of is how voluptuous the girls were who posed nude in those early days were. With the various fashions that have come and gone since then it’s great to return to where it all started for the man in the street.
    Thelma is a great example but I prefer some of her other poses.

  2. Thelma, was the very first nude glamour photo I ever saw, on the cover of Kamera 11 in a newsagents when this sort of thing wasn’t “top shelf” but on a rack on the counter, those were the days… I was too young and too shy to buy it, especially as the newsagents formidable and sour constitution wife was on shop duty. Anyway 2/6d was a lot of money for a schoolboy.

    • it was indeed. My first was Health snd Efficiency which my elder brother used to get from time to time. Maybe that is why I have always favoured outdoor pictures!

  3. Apart from that, the sour and formidable newsagent wife, knew my mum…

  4. We are ageing ourselves with those memories. I still remember the first skin magazine I bought. Modern Man (an American publication) in 1962 that featured Mickey Jines in wonderful colour! (49 years ago!)

  5. Lovely Thelma kneeling to see her Tits hanging

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