Dawn Grayson – A Flash of Thigh

A new scan of an original medium format negative of the stunning Dawn Grayson. Just a flash in this shot above her slightly raised skirt allowing us just to see some flesh and stocking tops. A stunning set of Dawn that teased and titillated but never went too far.

This image was part of a small set of 6 shots that appeared in Beautiful Britons No.230 under the title ‘Nice Finish’. Dawn at her absolute best 🙂

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  1. Ah yes, a reminder of how special that soft bit of thigh was if you were lucky enough to get beyond the stocking top……and then they invented tights, a great disappointment!
    Her look says it all!

  2. Minolta is so right about the dreaded tights. Dawn, as usual, is lovely.

  3. Oh that welcoming (usually) warm bit of soft thigh. I have never met a man who welcomed the advent of tights.

  4. The smoothest material in the universe, the female thigh just above a stocking top. Wow.

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