Shepherds Bush!

A very happy and naked Andrea Shepherd by Terry Sparks. Posing in nothing more than a smile, necklace and some socks a excellent view of her slim tanned figure. A nice thick bush too for those that like some undergrowth 🙂

Also on further inspection it seems Andrea also posed under the name Colleen White but wearing a long dark wig!

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  1. She’s clearly enjoying herself! Dates from early 1970s??

  2. How long have you been waiting for a girl called Shepherd with a bush? Did she change her name specially? She is very nice too.

  3. I love slim but curvaceous girls and she has a gorgeous cheeky smile too. The luxuriant bush encourages one to consider taking up topiary too!
    Just perfect.

  4. I’m sure Terry must have taken more than one picture of this lovely. Have you any more to share with us ? I’ve looked in the usual places.

  5. I live near Shepherds Bush will look out for her today

  6. This is clearly a young woman who loved being in the altogether!

  7. for billboards benefit, the date was 10th August 1972

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