Super Smooth Sue!

Sue Roberts by Leslie Bainbridge in a typical pose and style from him. Sue seemed to offer a variety of differing styles for different photographers over her career. She posed for Harrison Marks and performed in several of his later glamour films such as Cous-Cous and Tutti Fruity. She also seems to have posed for Bainbridge and others in a more naturist role as I have several images of her by Bainbridge and several contact sheets of her at Naturist Clubs. A very versatile model you could say 🙂

A great view of her figure in this 10 by 8 print including a very smooth pussy and one of the few shots of her with longer hair. Although I’m not 100% it’s not a wig of extension?

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  1. More fodder for the guys who like them bald or prefer the more natural look. To me, it’s very much a tempest in a teapot!

  2. A nice simple pose and a wonderful rounded body. I like the relaxed atmosphere of this picture and can easily see her being at ease in a naturist environment.

  3. Though kneeling on the rocking chair lifts her pussy enough for us to be able to get a good look at it, so it is more playful, perhaps, that it appears at first. Very nice.

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