A Blinding Shot of Rosemary

Another shot of Rosemary de Canonville giving us a great display of what she has to offer. Scanned from an original 10 by 8 print taken by Leslie Bainbridge and typical of his style.

A wonderful rear view of the smooth pussy and curves as she kneels on a sofa in front of the blinds 😉

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  1. Lovely trou du cul wonder

  2. Either the next, or the previous shot to the view you posted in April 2018!. Nicely provocative, but I can’t help but think she looks slightly embarrassed.

  3. Love to shoot a Cannon ball up Rosemary lol

  4. One of Bainbridge’s shaven regulars in H & E. Bit busty for me, but she always looks good outdoors. Never seen her in glamour, only nudist stuff.

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