Kamera No.11 Unknown Beauty

An early unknown beauty by Harrison Marks that appeared in Kamera No.11 (1958). A stunning classic beauty that only appeared in the one edition of Kamera, but must have appeared elsewhere? She’s down as unknown Model No.18 in the unknown model page.

The Unknown Models page is also new and improved with a few new additions and a few removed 🙂

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  1. Interesting that this was taken in 1958 or a bit before then as money was still very tight in those days and quite a number of girls modelled on an ad hoc basis to make ends meet and posing nude got you the best rate. They often posed nude just a couple of times or for a short time before getting married so appeared infrequently in magazines which makes them very hard to find when their pictures appeared in later years. I suspect few of them gave their real names.

    • Your comment hits the nail on the head and the sort of magazines in which they appeared would likely not be seen by people in their circle or, if they were, those people would rarely admit to it.

      The blanket prudish nature of British society – and I use the term blanket deliberately as there was enough going on under cover at every level of society that was not openly talked about or admitted – maintained laws and ethics which were at odds with real life. Girls who stripped off for photos were deemed “no better than they ought to be” and those who were up front enough to go public with their occupation were extremely brave.

  2. She looks very much like Julie Shearing to me.

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