Karie Nash – Pond Life!

A rear view of Karie Nash posing in just high heels from a 35mm black and white negative. Taken in 1978 this set features Karie posing for the camera around a pond with several shots of her crouching like this with her legs apart.

More of a teaser shot as it does make you wonder what the same shot from the front looks like 😉

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  1. Very provocative! Is there a shot of her from the front, or is this just wicked tease?

  2. She has a nice derriere but I’m not sure that I appreciate the pose!

  3. I’d be quite envious of a frog, sitting there on a lilypad…..

  4. Does anyone know the proper name for that pair of beguiling dimples where back meets pelvis?

  5. I think they’re thumbprints!

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