Super Sarah!

A super view of Sarah Cunningham from a large set of 35mm negatives sent over by Paul from Firebird Records. The more I see and edit of this girl the more I grow to like her cheeky smile and small puffy tits.

There is now a gallery of Sarah where all the images I’ve published so far are available. This is exclusive to members where they also get to see the additional images of this small set of Sarah posing with a bamboo room divider not published anywhere else. I will also be doing this going forward for other models as well.

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  1. To my mind, a perfect pair!

  2. I suppose it reflects the times, but these pictures are to my mind gorgeous and reflect the period of relative innocence and amateurism that the sexual awakening of the 1960s was.

  3. Lovely, very fresh.

  4. One of my favourite models

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